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Clone motor small block stock appearing (no tech)


Cage Kart Rules


1. Roll cages required. Minimum of 3 inches and maximum of 6 inches above driver’s helmet. Driver must be covered head to feet. Cage must be mounted by clamping, bolting or welding to frame. A MANDATORY push bar must be mounted to rear of cage extending out even with the rear bumper. Minimum 12” off of ground, max. 18”. Must be constructed of same material as roll cage.

2. Cages must be made of a minimum 1” .095 wall tubing or .875” chromoly tubing equivalent to .095 mild steel.

3. we will be implementing the Briggs & Stratton LO206 engine and rule package. Get the 2015 engine rules package by clicking on 2015 Briggs LO206 Rules.

4. Karts must weigh 300 pounds minimum with driver.

5. unleaded fuel only. NO ADDITIVES ALLOWED. Random fuel checks will be conducted.

6. All karts must have live rear axles.

7. 5 inch minimum, 6 inch maximum wheels. Racing style, grooved or slick tires only. Hoosier tires only.

8. Friction style clutches only. No axle clutches.

9. Karts must be equipped with nerfing bars.

10. Brakes must be in good working order. Brake pedal must be securely fastened to assure it cannot come off while kart is in motion.

11. Front and rear bumpers mandatory.

12. Chain guards are mandatory and must cover from front to rear sprocket.

13. Muffler silencers are mandatory and muffler may not extend beyond rear bumper.

14. Karts are to be equipped with throttle return spring to close throttle when released.

15. Front steering shall be of suitable design and in proper order and properly adjusted for maximum safety.

16. Top wings optional. Must be proportional to size of kart.



125/250 Cage Karts


  • Single cylinder, 125 cc 2-stroke or 250 cc 4-stroke engines.
  • 125 cc must weigh 380 lbs.
  • 250 cc must weigh 420 lbs.
  • Must run treaded tires on all four corners.  Any tire brand or compound is allowed.
  • Must start race with top wing.  No front wings allowed.  SFI rated suit and arm restraints are mandatory.


Wing Outlaw Karts


  • Single cylinder, single carburetor or injection, two-cycle or four-cycle engines that do not exceed 550 cc displacement.
  • SFI approved fire suit is mandatory.
  • Wheels must not exceed 6” in diameter; steel or aluminum only.
  • Axle length shall not exceed 40” and shall not protrude past the outside edge of the wheel. 
  • No front wings allowed.
  • weight 450lbs unless its a certified 250 then its 420lbs
  • Frames must be of Kart configuration not to exceed 90” in overall length.
  • Bars, other than regular “nerf” bars may not extend outside the outer edge of the tire.  “Nerf” bars may not extend more than 3” outside the outer edge of the tire.
  • All must be equipped with a functional roll cage constructed of suitable material and craftsmanship (no soldering or brazing), and designed to protect the driver.
  • No “Cow-catcher” type front bumpers.
  • No chassis suspension of any kind allowed.
  • Chain guards designed to protect the driver in the event of a chain failure shall be installed.
  • Seats are to be constructed of aluminum and of “high-back” design.  Seat back shall reach the middle of the driver’s head while the driver is seated.  Safety harness shall be attached in such a fashion as to restrict driver movement independent of seat movement.  The safety harness shall include, at a minimum, a lap belt and shoulder straps.  Approved arm restraints are mandatory.  Arm restraints shall be worn between the wrist and the elbow and attached to the lap belt.
  • Must use a treaded racing tire on all wheels.
  • Brakes must be disc and in good working order.
  • Numbers must be displayed on the left and right side of the wing and tail piece.  Numbers must be legible and of a contrasting color to their background. 


Predator 212cc Rules

  • Engines: Predator 212 cc (pump gas)
  • Weight: 350lbs minimum with driver
  •              (Ages 7-14 Jr 250lbs)( HEAVY 425lbs)
  • Age: 15 and older
  • Piston and Rings: Must be unaltered box stock only. no machining of piston and rings allowed. Open header rule, Open on slick class, open on read class, prep tires allowed.  
  •      Predator 212cc rules- the governor may be wire tired open on tread class only.  Slick class- out of box no governor wired. No othe rmodification will be allowed in these classes. Gas cap must be secured with duck tape unless clain is on gas cap.  Clone style chain guard must be in place, any style guard is allowed.  Any drug only clutch permitted.  No fingure clutch allowed.  Motor can be claimed within 15 mins of the feature conclusion, claimer must have cash and contact an offical to make a claim.  Claim is for motor only, clutch and chain guide not indlude, $140 required to claim, $10 to track.  Drivers only, loss of points plus 2 race suspension if denied a protest.
  • All drivers must wear long length pants.  Pants must be free of excessive tears, rips, or holes.  Drivers must wear long sleeve and gloves.  Helments and deck braces are required.  Hair may not hang past the neck.  There is no profane language or inappropriate images displayed anywhere on the kart, driver or crew members.  gloves open by choice.
  • box stock rules- cylinder head requirements must be oem casting only.  Porting and or grinding not premitted.  No machining of block allowed.  Carbureator requirements- stock and jets box stock carb only.  only box stock valve sprigs. Ingition system- stock box stock system only and must be unaltered.  Low oil sensor may be disabled and removed.  Flywheel: Stock including plastic fins.  No alterations of any type allowed.  Piston and rings: must.
  • header and muffler requirements- open header rule
  • all karts must weigh after each race, failure to do so wil result in dq for that race.


AKRA Engine rules for clones  wka for flatheads

Jr1 265 lbs (5-8 yrears) clone- green plate, Briggs red plate

Jr 2 290 lbs (7-12 years) Blue plate

Jr 3 320 lbs (9-15 years) Briggs black plate

Clone med 350 LBS

 CLONE hvy 375 lbs

Stock hvy 375 lbs

Open  Clone don’t weigh

Outlaw dont weigh 

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Points Structure


you have five total nights, so you have a total of five balls or chips in "the hat(bucket)." One of the balls is marked with a red marker. If the marked ball is pulled, it is a double points night. If a non marked ball is pulled, it's a regular points night. All balls get returned to the hat. So, each night, it's a 1 in five chance to be a double points night. Ball will be drawn at intermission after the heat races in all classes are completed.




5 points for starting 

1st - 5pts

2nd- 3pts

3rd- 1pt



5 points for starting

1st- 35pts

2nd- 30pts

3rd- 24pts

4th- 17pts

5th- 9pts

6th- 8pts

7th- 7pts

8th- 6pts

9th- 5pts

10th- 4pts

11th- 3pts

12th- 2pts

13th- 1pt





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