NEXT SIKESTON RACE SEP 26th (Round 5 Points)


Sikeston Racepark

149 County Road 449

Sikeston, Missouri 63801




Take exit 69 

1-55 West to Sikeston/Miner

Turn right (towards Blodgett)

2 Miles to County Road 450

1 Mile to 449

(Y off to the right)

Track is on the left


Motorcycles Classes


50cc- will split chain/shaft if 3 or more, 4-8 yrs

65cc- up to 110 4Stroke, 7-12 yrs

85cc- up to 150 4Stroke, 7-15 yrs

250cc- 125 4Stroke (80% payback), 12+ yrs

450cc (80% payback), 14+ yrs

+35 (80% payback)

trail rider

pit bike


                        ATV CLASSES                                                 0-110 STOCK                                                        90                                                              WOMEN                                                         C CLASS                                                      450 AM (A&B)                                          OPEN AM (A&B&PROLITE)                                              14-29                                                            PLUS 30                                                       2STROKE/400                                   YOUTH (90-200 STR 125-400 4STR)                    PRO-LITE (50% payback)                               PRO-AM (80% PAYBACK)                                     PRO (100% PAYBACK)                                        TRIKE VINTAGE                                              TRIKE OUTLAW                            YARD QUAD  (BONE STOCK SMALL KIDS)           ADDED     70cc & Super Mini

Due to the COVID-19, We ask all people to practice safe social distancing.

Release form and minor release forms will be available online.  You may print the forms which are now available online.  You may bring them with you to the racetrack during signup.  
We ask all people to bring their own pen to sign gate releases, or any other release form wavier.  A pen will not be provided.  Orange cones will be put in place every 6 feet.  Other track measures will be put in place for the employee/workers such as face mask, gloves, pixie glass, and hand sanitizer/washing of hands will be available with dial soap etc.  We ask all people to use common sense and good hygiene skills.

We ask all people, if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms related to the COVID19, please do not attend.

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