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Points Structure


you have five total nights, so you have a total of five balls in "the hat." One of the balls is marked with a red marker. If the marked ball is pulled, it is a double points night. If a non marked ball is pulled, it's a regular points night. All balls get returned to the hat. So, each night, it's a 1 in five chance to be a double points night. Ball will be drawn at intermission after the heat races in all classes are completed.




5 points for starting 

1st - 5pts

2nd- 3pts

3rd- 1pt



5 points for starting

1st- 35pts

2nd- 30pts

3rd- 24pts

4th- 17pts

5th- 9pts

6th- 8pts

7th- 7pts

8th- 6pts

9th- 5pts

10th- 4pts

11th- 3pts

12th- 2pts

13th- 1pt





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ATV & Motorcycle Rules

Flattrack tires only in all classes except yard quad, 50 stock motorcycle ,youth trail bike and pit bike 


1.   It is the duty and the responsibility of the riders to determine the class in which he or she belongs. 


2.  Rider must ride the same quad in the main event that was ridden in the heat race. If a different quad is ridden in the main event than was ridden in the heat the rider must start from penalty line as designated by the race official.


3.  If there are more riders in a class than can be accommodated on the starting line, multiple heats will be run. If there are 21 or more riders, one or more LCQ’s will be run.  


4.  Heats will be timed.  The winner of the fastest heat race will get first pick in the main, and the winner of the next fastest heat race will get second pick for the main and so on.  No more than 20 will participate in the main.


5.  Any rider whose tire crosses the starting line before the start will be moved to the penalty line, and the position left vacant on any subsequent start or restart of the race, *(If push start is required, permission must be obtained from the offical or staging official to cross line prior to start).or make repairs on their quad. The quad must remain on the track during this time, Mechanics are not allowed to wrench on the quad, but they can assist the rider with tooling, Riders, however;


A rider must be on the starting line or have a representative from his or her pit to call for 2 minutes. If no one is representing the rider the official will announce for the rider. At the end of line up if the racer or his or her representative hasn’t showed up the race will start without them. If the racer shows up after line up is complete, racer will start at rear of line up.


A rider must cross the start line to be scored for race-heat and main. If the rider misses the heat as long as he’s signed up and quad was inspected he may race main from penalty row he will have last place starting position and receive no heat points no one else is allowed to sign the rider up but himself


Nobody but the racer/official in the designated starting area (excluding kid’s classes).


If a rider leaves the course for any reason they must reenter the track at the safest possible point nearest the point of exit, but not at a point where they can improve their position.


Cutting the course will be determined by a race official by going around obstacles etc. This infraction will be judged on a case by case basis.


If a race must be stopped because of a rider or riders obstructing the progress and safety of a race. That rider or riders will restart on penalty row or last place slots in single file start.


  1. Single file start will take place after completion of one lap. If race has to be stopped. Single file restarts no passing until you pass the flagman.


  1. If for any reason the race must be stopped it may be considered complete if the leading rider has completed over 80% of the laps. If the race event must be stopped due to weather final race results will set according the finish positions in the heat race.


  1.  Lapped riders must move over or be black flagged. If a black flag has been given to a rider, the rider refuses to move over, the rider will be disqualified and score no points for the event.


  1.  DNS means did not start. A rider not crossing the starting line will receive DNS. A rider who DNF’s will receive will receive last place points in the main event.


  1.  Age as of January 1,  2024 will receive determine which age group you ride.


  1.  Yellow flag situation: No passing/no improving of a position per flag area. Penalty is a minimum of one finishing position per infraction. This will be a decision of the race official.


  1.  The white flag is a courtesy flag. It is not necessary to display the white flag at the beginning of the last lap. It is the rider’s responsibility to ride to checkered flag.  The Finish line is always at the Main Flagger where the checker flag is thrown, unless noted in riders meeting.


  1.  Any verbal harassment, physical abuse, including social media will be grounds for penalty, fine or permanent disqualification.


  1.  Rider is responsible for the action of their pit members in his or her pit. If pit member verbally harasses or physically abuses any officials the rider will be permanently disqualification.


  1.  No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on the track or the staging area. Riders should not use any of the above mentioned substances before or during an event as long as they remain in competition. Any rider that is impaired will not be allowed to compete and may be subject to permanent disqualification.


  1.  A rider is responsible for the action of their own pit crew. Infractions by a rider’s pit crew or associated spectators will be grounds for disqualification.


  1.  All riders will be given a front row start in the heat race. If a rider refuses front row start and elects to start on second row that will be up to the official.


  1.  If a rider jumps the line, the rider or riders will be moved to the penalty line. The penalty row is 25ft behind the amount of rows that are in the mains the same spot for heat and mains in all classes.


  1.  Tire warm ups must be done prior to the start line. 


  1.  All races in one of the following ways (A)With a light-Light will be red and goes to green or nothing to green (B)With a flag-Once the starter has touched flag to the ground, the rider will go on first movement of flag.


  1.  Any rider who leaves the track to the pits after the start of a race will be disqualified for that race. A rider is allowed to work on their quad under a green flag condition only if the work performed in a designated pit area. Parents are allowed to help kids classes.


  1.  If a race was stopped because riders were down, the first rider down is placed in the restart, etc., with the last rider down behind the last rider who did not fall. If for any reason a rider does not complete the red-flagged lap, he too will be placed in the rear of the restart in a position respective of his stoppage.


  1. When an event is stopped (red-flag) before being completed, riders only can adjust must be in their assigned positions and ready to race four minutes after the red flag (eight minutes during final events) or when the track is safe for racing.


  1.  If the race is called complete, the riders will be scored in the position in which they would have restarted or where they finished on the last full lap completed.


  1.  In the event of rain, heats can be scored as finals for that event


  1.  Any rider found using alcohol or illegal drugs during an event (while racing taking place) can be disqualified from an event immediately and can be suspended for no less than one year.


  1. The use of electronic communication devises is prohibited and rider found using such devices will be disqualified from that event. No Drones with exception of track photographer with approval of official.  All Venders and Photographers must receive prior approval.


  1. If a rider is found to of entered in a class that is beyond his/her level of riding ability SRP reserves the right to ask that rider to move down in classification to a class that better suits their ability.


  1.  Any   rider that is riding recklessly or dangerously and putting other riders at risk will be “ Black” Flagged and disqualified from the race. Failure to comply to pulling off the race track will result in immediate suspension from that event plus no less than one additional event.


  1.  Season end points for all classes will be based on top finishes of each rider with two throwouts. Less than 10 events will be 1 throw out


  1. In the event that a regularly scheduled event is cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances the event will be rescheduled one time. 


  1.  Awards will be given to all kids classes and amateur classes.


  1.  Laps will be as follows: 4 lap Heats, 6 lap mains, 8 lap Pro mains. may vary PER TRACK  Year-end Awards Banquet eligibility: must ride in 50% of the events to qualify for year end points  4 or less races no throw outs 5-14  1 trow out 15 plus 2 trow outs  





Youth and age group classes are based upon riders age as of rider January 1st and/or time of event. (Example: if a rider is 24 years old on Jan. 1st that rider can race the entire season in the 16-24 class even after they have turned 25 during the season. That same rider though cannot race in the 25+ class until their birthday that year.)3 to make bonified class (will point and trophie but no special awards or contengency will alpy if less than 3)



  •  PRO riders must have won OPEN AM points from the previous year, or currently race PROAM or PRO 
  • If a rider moves into pro and sees he or she cannot compete they will be allowed to move back down a class 1 time if you win pro main or finish top 3 in points  you must race pro for 1 year before u may be elgibale to move back down
  • China ATV  0-125 any and all china atvs no mods and can run flattrack tires no manual clutches allowed 

        YARD QUAD)

        (all stock, all 0-110 except 0-125 china atvs) must be stock no tire changes ,no race atvs

        50 ATV

        90 SUPER STOCK -stock engine ,stock carb pipe ect only mods allowed care tires and wheels and gearing(clutch) (YARD QUADS ARE  ALLOWED IN THIS CLASS FOR A SECOND CLASS)


- 90cc – Open, 90cc Limit (Award All)

-- YOUTH JR. 200-300: Open modified (AGE 10-14 years) 2 stroke(200cc) or 4 stroke(300cc)production atv,must have engine that matches frame no hybirds ,must be 200-300 size atvs,no 90


- YOUTH 200/400  – Open modified (AGE 10-15) 2 stroke(200) or 4 stroke(400) Atv’s allowed. Cc’s max


-Pro: Open  (AGE 16+) )Pro Riders are  eligible to run in Pro-am and age class. 100% payback


-Pro-am riders: Open modified 200cc plus (AGE 15+) (80% money payout). Eligible to race in Pro, Am and age classes. 


-Pro-Lite no pros(see rider advancement rule) any cc size 50% payback


-Pro-am Outlaw Trikes: (80% payback) plus any added money, any size any rules must be safe 


-Open Am:  (Age 14+) Open 200cc +


-450 Am (Age 14+) 450cc limit


-Women's: Open- modified 200cc+ , Age 14+, Female only participants allowed


-2Stroke/400 any size 2-cycle,up to 440cc 4-cycle


35+ Open modifie 200cc plus



 -Trike   ( Age 14+)  must be safe


-Knobby/Trail   open, no race tires, no sway bar



1. Machines may be used in multiple classes by the same rider provided that both rider and ATV meet the requirements of the class.


2. All machines must be class legal each time they pull up to the starting line or be subject to disqualification. A rider may change machines between races as long as the replacement is class legal. If a machine is changed after qualifying (heats) that rider will get the last gate pick for the main event.      Starting position will be 24’ behind the last occupied line or the penalty line. Once a race is started, there can be no changing of machines. START OF RACE will be defined as FIRST ATTEMPTED START, even if it results in a complete restart. If you switch bikes (before the start of the main event) it also has to be approved by the referee or the rider will be subject for disqualification for that race.


3. All youth riders must fit the ATV. With rider in normal riding position with hands on handlebars, there must be a bend in the elbows, fingers much reach all control levers. Rider in a standing position on foot pegs must have 3 inches of space between seat and rider inseam.


4. Safety Equipment and Machine Eligibility are the sole responsibility of the rider. After registration and prior to practice, a mandatory courtesy inspection will be performed at each event to check number plates and numbers, tether cord, kill switch, nerf bars and machine width (51”). Random equipment inspections may be done and may include, but not limited to, fuel, sound, width, and displacement. If a machine does not pass inspection, it will not be allowed to compete.


5. All ATV’s must use petroleum-based gasoline. No alcohol allowed.


 6. Only atv or dirt bike motors are allowed. No street bike or other motors allowed.


8. All ATV’s much have dirt track tires (except 0-110 stock, utility and Knobby classes as per tracks discretion), nerf bars or suitable floorboards, working tether cord, maximum width of 51”, all glass much be covered, control levers must have ball ends, and axle nuts must have cotter pins or clips.


9. At  discretion, the number of laps for Heats and Mains may be changed if track or weather conditions warrant.


10. Classes with 3 or less riders may be combined with 2nd class. Race will have one (1) start with fastest class starting on Row 1 and slower class starting on Row 2./if it’s a equal class they will be combined in normal starting procedure and scored separate


11.  Mechanics are only allowed to an area behind the starting line to assist.  They are not allowed in the starting area. The 2-minute rule still applies.


12. Any rider protest must be completed in writing within 30 minutes of the race being complete (if the protest is from the heat race, the atv will be impounded.  The rider and pit crew will still able to work under referee/official supervision and will be able to race remaining heat races and mains unless visible illegal) with riders name, class, race number and discrepancy. Along with the protestors printed name and signature. Protesting party must pay $350.00 for protest, the $300.00 goes to the winning party after the protest has been resolved.*The protesting party will also have to pay a $50 non-refundable fee to a mechanic approved by the protested party and  official to perform the tear down with offical personnel present. Rider refusal to a protest is automatic disqualification. Any racer in the same class can protest. Parents are allowed to do so if the rider is under 18. 


13. Any race motor or race quad can be subject to inspection at any time throughout the race weekend by the Referee.


14. The use of Non-OE Metal fenders is prohibited.





Font and rear number plates are required ,front may be on hood as long as visible The numbers are recommended to be 6” block numbers, a minimum of 4” may be allowed. No shading or outlining is allowed. If the Referee deems a rider’s number plate is not clear enough for scoring, the rider must correct the plate. They number plates and numbers must have contrasting colors, be clear, legible, and have a professional appearance. Wood or metal number plates are prohibited.    “Pro Riders” are recommended to use Blue backgrounds with White lettering.

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